Co-Op City wins Kera Challenge!

Co-Op City was announced as the winner of Kera Challenge in Korjaamo, Helsinki at Nordic Built Cities Benchmarking Forum June 16th. Check out illustrations of the winning team, Co-Op City here:

Co-Op City by BM-Architects, WSP, Designer Päivi Raivio and Setlementtiasunnot Oy

Kera Challenge was an open, needs-driven innovation competition. The logistics centre of S Group, a Finnish retailing cooperative, is moving out of Kera, Espoo, during the next few years. The 22 hectare industrial park is located right by the Kera train station - only a 20 minute train ride away from downtown Helsinki - and will soon be transformed into a residential neighbourhood. Watch this video to see how the area looks right now and get inspired!


Kera Challenge has ended with the winner being chosen, with all the four finalists now entering Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards. The other three finalists

Kera Era by Studio Puisto Architects and Hukkatila

Kera Lane by Ramboll, HAMK and Rudus

Urban Incubator by LPR, GAIA and Elomatic

will have an equal chance of competing in the Nordic competition, offering the Nordic competition strong representation of solutions made for the Finnish competition. If you want to check out the detailed plans, you can download full proposals from all finalists from this LINK! 

The development of Kera does not stop here, as the question still remains how the industrial park will turn into a liveable neighbourhood so stay tuned!



Information on Kera Challenge

Kera Challenge had two phases. The first phase, open-call for solutions for the challenge ended 17th of December, 2015. The second phase lasted through spring 2016, when four finalist teams had a chance to further develop their solutions and compete for the title of Kera Challenge winner. The winner was announced 16th of June.

» Read jury’s full statement on Kera Challenge's second phase and decision on the winner here!

» Check out further details of all Nordic Finalists on Nordic Built Cities Challenge website!

» Contact Raija Rinta-Erkkilä, Project Leader, Kera Development, S Group, for more information: raija.rinta-erkkila(at) 


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